Trading crypto is a popular way to receive income in the long and short term. There are different trading methods, such as scalping, swing trading, buy and hold, intraday trading, arbitrage and others. We listed the most often used strategies. They Vary by trading dynamics. For example, scalping allows generating income in a matter of minutes, during the buy-and-hold method implies holding crypto for weeks or even months.

to apply any trading strategy, traders use crypto exchanges. They are platforms offering trading tools and crypto assets to work with and charging commissions. 

We would like to introduce you to the safest crypto exchange in Europe – WhiteBIT. 

What Options Does WhiteBIT Monitor?

The platform was founded by two Ukrainian crypto enthusiasts and is registered in Europe. It operates officially and complies with all the rules and laws of the regulator. WhiteBIT is a centralised exchange, which means to access all its benefits and earning opportunities, users need to register and pass verification.

Some few options are available without verification, for example, spot trading, but you will face withdrawal limits. So the best option would be to register and pass KYC.

KYC verification ensures a High level of safety, for it means checking every client arrived at one accesses all the trading tools. after passing KYC, you can buy crypto with fiat money using your bank card and withdraw funds to your card in a matter of minutes.

Here are the trading modes available on WhiteBIT:

  • p2p exchange;
  • margin trading;
  • using leverage;
  • futures derivatives.

The platform supports trading bots and offers a convenient mobile app so you can trade just on the go. 

to trade cryptocurrency efficiently, you need to have crypto charts and analytics in front of you. WhiteBIT offers everything needed for convenient and efficient trading. Besides, WhiteBIT holds 96% of users’ funds offline, making it simply impossible for hackers to reach me them.

Every user sets Up two-factor authentication, making it impossible for third parties to make transactions from their wallets. These things make WhiteBIT the safest crypto exchange. 

to learn more regarding WhiteBIT trading modes and features, go to the WhiteBIT blog