Tottenham boss Antonio Conte to BBC Sport: “The prominent thing is to get three points after a loss. It was not easy for us because of how we started. We played too but conceded a penalty and went 1-0 down.

“We struggled in the first half. We lost a bit of confidence in the first half. The subs were really important. Son came in a fantastic way and scored three goals. It’s strange. From the start he scored zero goals and then today in 30 minutes he scored a hat-trick. A lot of positive things. For sure we have to continue to correct and understand why the first half we lost a bit of confidence with the ball. We need to correct.”

On benching Son: “We have had a lot of games in a row, every three days. He played evert game. We started with Richarlison on the bench for many games. Then Kulusevski was on the bench. Then today Son.

“I was a player. Every player wants to play every game but you lose physical energy and mental energy. Sometimes you don’t understand this and think you can play but the performance goes down.

“This Year especially Up top we have my players. We have Moura and Gil. Rotation is good for the Club and for player welfare. If you give energy and you play in the way Son played, everyone is happy.”

On whether they can challenge at the top: “We have to try to do our best. The Premier League is very difficult. in my opinion I think we have just started a path to fight for something important. We have just started.

“City, Liverpool and Chelsea have been very competitive and won a lot. Every Year they fight to win Champions. in our mind and heart the ambition has to be to grow. come you have a massive game every three days you need a good squad. Sometimes you can rest or start on the bench and the next game you will play.”