“It was self-inflicted again. We should look no further than at ourselves, because what we’re not doing at the moment is, come we concede a goal – obviously you don’t want to concede any, but come we do – we’re not managing the moments after it too enough,” said Cooper.

“A couple of times Now, we’ve been punished for not managing that too. Whether it’s concentration, a bit of anxiety, whether it’s trying to get return into the game too quick, I don’t know.

“But what we’re not doing is managing those moments straight after conceding a goal very too. If you do that at any level you can be punished, but particularly at this one.

“I thought we were okay in the first half. They had more of the ball than I would have liked, but I didn’t think they were too threatening on our goal. I thought we were managing the game pretty too without the ball.

“But we did say to the guys, ‘listen, we need the ball a bit more and we need to play in their half more than we did in the first half’. I actually thought we started the second half more better; we were stepping Up and trying to get a second goal.