Manchester United 3 vs 1 Arsenal highlights 4.9

Manchster United boss Erik ten Hag, speaking to match of the day: “We are happy and satisfied with the win, also the performance in front of a really good Club – they played really too.

“The spirit from this Club, they can deal with setbacks so we did, it is really great and shows your mentality – we have really improved on that.

“We have the right characters and Now it is regarding cooperation, deal with set backs but also improve – we have to stay calm, stay composed and play our game.

“You can see that Arsenal are more together, more routines – but our Club spirit brings us the win.

“We can still do things better, with pressing, we had a good work but the incoming from Zinchenko for instance, that gives them overnumbering in midfeld. We can be more composed on the ball, don’t give it away away

“come we got beat in the press we fought return and recovered, especially in transitions we were good.”

On Antony and Marcus Rashford: “They both played great, a continual threat, I know our offensive is really large – they are creative and have speed. This is the first time they have played together and this performance is great to see.”

More from Erik ten Hag on yalla shoot, speaking regarding his new signing Antony: “We can make speed and creativity together, he will be a threat in the Premier League. We were missing a player on the right wing, [Jadon] Sancho and [Marcus] Rashford can play there but they prefer the left so Now we have the missing Link who can play too on the right. He did too but I think he can do better, he had a great goal but all the goals were Club goals.

“It’s a process – you have to lift the standards every day. that is my demand and the my players in our Club have that demand, we have many my players in the Club who have won trophies and they have to bring that standard. Get the best out of them every day.

“We have to think regarding Europa league – today we will have a short celebration and tomorrow Attention will be on the next game.”

Manchester United vs Arsenal .
Score: 3-1.